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Idiom lessons were conducted in 1Te and 1Ts classes

The purpose of the course was to get acquainted students with the concept of idioms, to develop the ability to use idioms, to inform them of their richness in the language, the various and function, to enrich their vocabulary, to use official and unofficial varieties of language.

During the lesson the students matched the idioms to their explanations, in the groups they did the exercises consisting of editing two texts, official and colloquial, with the choice of corrects examples. At the end of lesson, the students wrote a short story on their chosen topic with using idioms.

Meeting in Bulagria

The union project TREASURE IN LANGUAGE realizated in ZS 3 gives students and teachers an opportunity to learn about the functioning of schools and the culture and customs of different European countries. This time Bulgaria was hosting the meeting with teachers from Italy, Latvia and Romania. On the first day we visited the capital city Sofia.

It is one of the biggest cities in Bulgaria, with many monuments fx. Orthodox church of Sts. George, Council of Alexander Nevsky, the statue of Tsar Alexander II and the National Historical Museum.

In the next days we met the town of Widy? in the north-western part of Bulgaria. The students and teachers of our friendly school welcomed us very hospitality and cordially, and we were greeted with bread and honey as prescribed by the custom. We had the opportunity to see the school building and participate in English lessons classes that were conducted in English becouse it is a language school.

The most important part of the meeting was the conferences and workshops devoted to the evaluation of the undertaken activities, the planning of future tasks and the meetings of the project coordinators and our teachers of IT subjects concerning the preparation of homework for the school youth.

The hosts get acquainted us with the customs and culture of the region, presented the costumes and folk dances, and also served us regional dishes. The students of the local school together with the teachers showed us the most interesting places in the area: Fortress Baba Vida, Magura Cave and Belogradchik Fortress. An interesting point of the program was the meeting with the city government, which participated in the local media. Time spent in Bulgaria allowed not only to know the culture of the region, but first of all to make a lot of friends with interesting and friendly people from other countries.

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