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In the footsteps of the Polish language with Erasmus

The project "Treasure in Language" implemented by the school focuses its attention on passing ideas to the next generations; it aims to create cultural, educational and intercultural ties between the people of Europe by simply identifying our common features. In addition, it helps to overcome language and cultural problems between European generations.

In search of the roots of the Polish language, the beginnings of grammar and the principles of linguistic correctness, a group of students from the School Complex No. 3 in Sanok under the care of the teachers of Polish (Mrs Anna Adamiak, Mrs Justyna Bednarska and Mrs Edyta Kulawiak - Roman) chose the Polish language route across southern Poland. Sanok, Rzeszów, Krakow, Zakopane - these are some of the places visited as  a part of this excursion. Universities, centres and institutions that have had and still have an influence on the development of the Polish language were visited.

Particular attention was paid to centres located in Krakow - the Jagiellonian University, which was established as the Cracow Academy in 1364. It was the first institution to care for our Polish language. The University Library of the Jagiellonian University is also a place that is particularly close to the preservation of all traces of the beginnings of the Polish language, evaluation, determination of the principles of spelling and grammar. Therefore, the visit to the library popularly called "Jagiellonka" enabled the participants to get to know and understand the most important language information. Thanks to lectures, shows and visiting the old and new part of the library building, you could learn not only history, traditions, but also collections and the principles of using its resources  by students and other users.

Meetings with regional artists from the areas of Podhale and Podkarpacie have visualized the principles and etymology of the origin of Polish proverbs, sayings characteristic for the Sanok region. In addition, the lectures conducted by the teachers of Polish enriched the students’ knowledge ("Definition of words: saying, proverb, idiom" - MA Anna Adamiak, "The origin of proverbs and their etymology" - MA Justyna Bednarska, "The meaning of Polish proverbs" - Dr Edyta Kulawiak - Roman).

About our visit in Riga at the Podkarpackie Educational Meetings

Our school disseminates the results, work and information on the implementation of the "Treasure in Language" project under the Erasmus + program. On the 15th February the Terix Company from Krosno organized a meeting for high school students, Podkarpackie Educational Meetings as a part of oppenig days for high schools. This time, we were able to present information about the visit of our representatives in Riga. 

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