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On the 19th of May 2018, the Local Education Authority in Gorj, Romania organized, as every year, The Education Fair for Schools. Our school was represented by a group of students and teachers who had the opportunity to present our school offer. This year they also drew attention to our Erasmus+ project - TREASURE IN LANGUAGE - showing the participants clips, giving them flyers and presenting them the project activities and the overall impact of the project.


From Romania

On Saturday, the 9th of June 2018, 25 students and some parents and teachers from Sports High-School in Targu-Jiu went on a trip to Horezu and Ramnicu-Valcea as part of the activities of our Erasmus project „Treasure in Language”. 
Our first stop was in Horezu, a true cradle of Romanian folk culture, where, over time, talent and spiritual beauty of local people gave rise to many customs, traditions and crafts that continue nowadays. Here we had the chance to admire the beautiful folk costumes, traditional carpets, wood and ceramic ornaments. We were also given a demonstration on how to make and decorate pottery, which was very appreciated by the children. 
The next stop was at the Memorial House „Anton Pann” in Ramnicu-Valcea. This is a monument of town architecture, built at the middle of the 18 th century where Anton Pann used to live a part of his life. Anton Pann was an Ottoman-born Wallachian composer, musicologist, and Romanian-language poet, also noted for his activities as a printer, translator, and schoolteacher. Pann was an influential folklorist and collector of proverbs, as well as a lexicographer and textbook author. He is also the composer of the anthem of Romanian. 
We had a guided tour of the place and then we had a workshop on what we learned about Anton Pann. For this activity the students were divided in 4 groups by choosing a coloured happy face (the yellow/pink/blue/green group), each group being guided by a teacher. The first task was done individually and consisted in answering 10 questions about Anton Pann. The second task was done in groups. They had to read a passage from Pann’s work and tell what was the moral of it. The texts were different so they could complete their coleagues’ answers if necesarry. The last task was to make a poster with what they saw and learned about Anton Pann and present it in front of the others.
On our way back home we went to „Forest of Paradise” and hold the trees as a symbol of protection the nature and friendship (this month we celebrate both of them).
All in all, we had a great day. We worked together, learned new things and had fun. Here are some pictures and videos
taken by us.

Treasure in language in the light of Erasmus

June is the time of summaries - also in the "Treasure in Language" project. As part of the subsequent activities of the Erasmus program, representatives of the School Complex No. 3 in Sanok participated in the out-of-doors workshops in Podhale. During this visit, the youth rediscovered the language, history, traditions of Zakopane and the surrounding area and learned the impact of this place on the shape of the language of south-eastern Poland. The study visit also gave the opportunity to summarize the implementation of project activities and carry out evaluations. The students strongly advocated further participation in subsequent EU projects, therefore they decided that the school should continue to enable young people to learn about not only the culture of partner schools, but also to rediscover their own history, tradition and language.

"Stock Exchange" with Erasmus in the background ...

Every year a meeting for junior high school students is organized in ZS3 in Sanok. These pupils will attend new schools in the following year - also ours. Therefore, on this occasion, the "Stock Exchange of Professions" meetings are organized. During these meetings, schools present their educational offer. Our school, presenting its offer, drew attention to the "Treasure in Language" project, implemented as part of the Erasmus + program. The principles of operation of this project were presented, the stages of activities and visits to partner schools were discussed, the effects of student work were presented.



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