The idea of the project

Published on Friday, 05 October 2012 16:36

We are in a united Europe...

Welcome to the page of the international Erasmus+ project Treasure in Language. This project is a Strategic Partnership for School Education Project involving six schools from six countries- Turkey, Italy, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and Latvia. The main goal of the project is to transfer our treasure of proverbs and idioms to the young people in order to provide a rich resource to use in their daily language and to ensure to keep the proverbs and idioms alive for the next generations. The project also aims to create cultural, educational, temporal and interpersonal bridges among the people of Europe by basically pinpointing our common sides.
It will also help to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers between nations, between generations, to beat the fears and prejudices and to motivate and promote our students, staff and the people in our communities to be European citizens.