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Transnational meeting in Polish school

School Complex No. 3 in Sanok has recently hosted Partners from Latvia, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria and Italy as part of international cooperation. This visit was the next step in the activities the schools have taken up with the Treasure in Language project.

The Erasmus + program allows pupils and teachers to learn about the cultures, traditions and history of countries from the European Union and beyond. As part of the planned activities, representatives of the above schools participated in conferences, trainings and workshops in Cracow, Zakopane and Podkarpackie voivodship. One of the elements of this training were the homecoming classes, the search for common language elements and the proverbs developed by different traditions.

During the study visit at school - students participated in specially prepared language and computer classes conducted in the official language of the project (in English). Their task was to prepare international posters about the common origins of proverbs. Of course, as an intermediate goal, practical language exercises can be considered, allowing students to broaden theircommunication skills. On the other hand, computer classes were the summation of activities that had been undertaken since the beginning of the project. For these needs young people prepared a film, a presentation and a photo book.

An important element of the meeting were the activities realized in cooperation with pupils of Primary School No. 3 in Sanok - presenting Polish folk dances - Krakowiak and Polonaise - contributed to enriching the awareness of guests about the culture of not only Podkarpacie.

Teachers participated in activities, conducted activities for students, and additionally conducted evaluations of undertaken activities and developed a further work schedule for the next year of the project.

As a part of this visit, the Partners visited the Folk Architecture Museum in Sanok, the Historical Museum in Sanok, the Solina Hydropower Plant - Myczkowce, Wawel in Cracow, the Colegium Nobilium and the Collegium Novum in Cracow, the local art center in Zakopane and other monuments and centers of creativity which have shaped linguistic and cultural awareness of Poles from the south of our country.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to Partners for taking action: PBS o / Sanok, W. Banach - Museum of History in Sanok, Director J. Ginalski - Museum of Folk Construction in Sanok, Mr Anita Leszczy?ska - Primary School No. 3 in Sanok, - Solina Hydro Power Plant - Myczkowce, SM Mlekovita - Sanok Branch.



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